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Tuesday 10 July 2018

I was on my way back from a great walk down to the sea when I spotted a thin column of smoke in the forest up ahead. I was surpised that anyone would risk a bonfire in such dry conditions, and hurried to check that it was under control. Within seconds, the smoke was so much thicker and the base so wide, that it could not possibly be a controlled burn.

Shade Garden

Friday 15 June 2018

When the previous owners built the extension for our kitchen and utility room, they created a small, dark corner outside, behind the bedroom they’d made in the converted garage. It’s only about 2m front to back and 1.5m wide, with brick walls on two sides and a panel fence on the third. The remaining side is partly blocked by a tool store. It gets a little light in the mornings and in the middle of the day in the summer, but otherwise is in shade.

Building a Garden Border

Saturday 5 May 2018

We’ve been here 9 months already and have spent some time tidying the garden, but in order to develop it and make it ours, we needed to start planting, and in order to do that, there must be somewhere to plant! I have no idea what the people who laid out the garden, nor the people who had it before us, were thinking or wanting but it is possible to see a kind of story.


Saturday 21 April 2018

I saw that a line of thunderstorms was crossing the English Channel and heading our way. I thought I would try to capture some drama, and lightning, with my camera and hoped to catch a storm approaching over the Isle of Wight and crossing the Solent. I parked the car at the top of the beach in Lepe Country Park, set the camera up and loved the sense of impending doom as the sky darkened, the wind rose and the waves grew.

Snow, Ice and Thaw

Saturday 3 March 2018

After several days of bitterly cold winds, warmer, moister air started to move in from the South on Thursday, resulting in heavy snow. This area has any snowfall, on average, for less than 4 days a year and snow on the ground maybe once or twice in a winter, so this much snow is unusual. We had a little freezing rain on Thursday night and Friday too. This occurs when rain falls (because the temperature at cloud height is too warm for snow) but then freezes as it falls through colder air nearer the ground.

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